Mediacom Customer Service

Get help with Mediacom internet, TV and home phone services.

Mediacom customer service overview

Need help with your Mediacom internet services? Whether you have a question, need to make an appointment, or report a service outage, we've got multiple ways for you to stay in touch. Dial the right Mediacom customer service number and get all the info on home services, tech support, or even installation appointments!

Mediacom Customer service number

Get reliable and helpful customer service 24/7 with Mediacom! If you're an existing internet, TV, or home phone user of theirs - this is the perfect place to find answers and support.

  • Update your account & billing information
  • Pay your Mediacom bill
  • Add or change existing services
  • Cancel Mediacom services
  • Monitor status of Mediacom shipment

Mediacom tech support

Mediacom customers can get help in a flash! Simply call or text 66554, and you'll have the answers to all your device and service questions. Get tech support 24/7 whenever you need it - hassle-free!

  • Troubleshoot TV, phone, and internet services
  • Confirm service outages in your area
  • Change your Mediacom address
  • Order new or replace existing equipment
  • Get help with self-installation

Mediacom installation and order customer support

Need to get the scoop on your Mediacom order? Having trouble tracking installation progress? Give our customer support a ring for up-to-date info about all service requests.

  • Change your Mediacom address or reschedule an installation appointment
  • Check the shipping status of a Mediacom order
  • Monitor the status of a repair request
  • Speak to a representative about installation & Demo

Ready to order Mediacom services?

You should call now to speak with a Mediacom expert about the best deals in your area. Find internet, TV and voice services for home at affordable prices!

Additional Mediacom customer service contacts

Mediacom customers have a variety of ways to stay in touch with the company – from speaking directly to representatives, finding stores nearby, or connecting through social media outlets. Tap into these resources and find solutions for all your Mediacom needs!

Chat with a Mediacom representative

Get informed in an instant! Chat with the team online to get up-to-date answers on your account, services, billing, and more.

Social media

Get the help you need in person at your local Mediacom store. Stop by and discover a wealth of knowledge to answer all your technical questions!

Mediacom's social media contacts




Mediacom troubleshooting and quick help guides

Resetting your Mediacom ID or email password

  • Login to the Mediacom Account Management page and reset your password swiftly via the Email Settings menu. Seize control of your account today!
  • To securely update your password, answer the security question and enter a new one twice. When you're done be sure to click submit for the changes to take effect!

Social media

Struggling with service issues? MobileCare App, Mediacom account dashboards, and customer service are here to help. Check outages in seconds by using the Outage area on your dashboard for more details - if it’s all clear, contact Mediacom's customer care team who can troubleshoot any further worries you may have!

Mediacom's social media contacts

Stay on top of your monthly internet usage with MediacomCARE Mobile Apps! Download the free Android or iOS app to keep track of how much data you use, so that we can provide everyone with a smooth and uninterrupted online experience.

How to pay your Mediacom bill

Pay your bill by phone at (888) 333-4039 now to make the process as swift and straightforward as possible!

Pay your bill online: Log into your Mediacom account

Pay your bill automatically: Set your bill payment on autopilot with AutoPay! Log into your Mediacom account to easily authorize automatic payments so you don't have to worry about missing a due date.

Pay your bill in person: Don't have time to wait for your payment to be processed? Stop in at a Mediacom store near you and pay conveniently in person.

Pay your bill by mail: Make sure your bill is paid on time and with no hassle by mailing it directly to the Mediacom Payment Center address found right in your statement.

How to pay your mediacom bill

Ready to order Mediacom services?

You should call now to speak with a Mediacom expert about the best deals in your area. Find internet, TV and voice services for home at affordable prices!