Internet for Students

Best Internet Plans and Discounts for Students

The internet is important for students to access resources and learn. It has enabled students to have more control over their education and has made it possible for them to get information from a variety of sources. The internet has also been one of the most important tools that educators have used to help students learn.

Can students get free internet?

With public Wi-Fi hotspots or family internet providers, students can stay connected on the go. And if you qualify for low-income services, the Affordable Connectivity Program could be your saving grace with a $30/month discount on your monthly bill! you can find the cheapest internet for students.

What is the best cheap internet for students?

Choose Xfinity's Connect More plan for the most affordable internet package — get 200 Mbps of speed at just $40/month! Plus, students can save even more with exclusive offers like a credit of up to $200. However, be aware that this deal requires an annual commitment so if you're not sure whether or where you'll be staying next summer and beyond it might not suit your needs.

With ever-changing academic landscapes, Optimum has you covered for a more flexible internet service. Get a high speed of 300 Mbps without the commitment - simply pay $30 each month and drop anytime; no extra fees!

Free Internet for Students by Government

The government is looking to provide students with the internet through the use of a broadband network. This will allow students to access educational resources and study online. The idea behind this project is that many schools are already connected to high-speed internet, but many schools do not have enough bandwidth or speed for all their students at once, so they have limited bandwidth throughout the school day, which leads to slow connections when trying to access resources like textbooks or assignments from home.


Lifeline is an internet program for students. It provides a safe space for students to explore the internet without judgment. The program has a network of volunteers who help with anything from simple questions to more complex problems. Lifeline is a program that provides Internet access in schools and libraries, where it's not just about academic success but also about mental health and social inclusion. The program fosters connections between people and helps them feel empowered.

Enhanced Lifeline

The Lifeline program was created by the FCC in 1985 to provide low-cost telephone service to low-income households. Today, Lifeline is a program that provides affordable internet service to people. The Lifeline program has been around for more than 30 years but it is still struggling to provide phone service for everyone in an efficient manner. This is because there are many people who don't know about the program or have access to a computer and internet connection needed to sign up.

Affordable Connectivity Program

This is why the Affordable Connectivity Program was created by the government. It allows students to apply for free internet access at participating libraries and schools. The program also provides free internet for students so that they can take advantage of the internet connection in their classrooms. In order to participate in this program, students must be enrolled in a school that participates in the program or have a valid library card from one of these participating libraries.


Connect2Compete is an Internet program that provides free access to the Internet for students. It is available in schools and libraries across the country, but it also allows students to connect with other students who are also connected. The Connect2Compete program aims to provide internet access across America’s classrooms and libraries so that every student has access to a computer or mobile device. If a student wants to connect, they just need their school or library card number and password. Connect2Compete helps students in their education by providing them with resources, such as interactive lessons, digital textbooks, and online tutoring sessions. It also makes sure that teachers have all of the tools they need for their classes ready.

Internet Student Package & Deals

 Xfinity student discounts

Xfinity from Comcast offers a student discount on their internet service. You can get up to $175 off your internet plan with this offer. Xfinity is the second-largest internet provider company in the United States and it provides its services to more than 22 million people in over 2,000 communities. Xfinity is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, which was founded in 1963 and is one of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world. Xfinity student discounts are available for students who have an Xfinity account at one of their participating schools as well as for students who are not enrolled at any school but are still within their home community.

Xfinity Deal: $30 Internet + Streaming




Bundle Discount


75 Mbps



Connect More

200 Mbps




400 Mbps




800 Mbps




1 Gbps



Gigabit Extra

1,200 Mbps




Spectrum student discounts

There are many discounts offered for students, but it is important to know about the Spectrum student discount. The spectrum student discount provides a range of discounts on a variety of internet services such as internet, cable, and phone.

Spectrum offers the following types of discounts:

- Students get 20% off all internet service plans when they sign up with their school email address

- Students can get $5 off their first month's bill when they sign up with their school email address

- Students can also get 10% off all plans when they pay in advance

- Get extra data packages with all student plans

Frontier student internet plans

Frontier is a major US-based internet service provider. It offers a range of internet plans for students. Frontier provides high-speed broadband internet access to students, as well as phone and television services. The company offers various plans that meet the needs of its customers. Frontier offers different student internet plans that vary in speed, data limits, and cost. Some of these plans include 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and 500 Mbps speeds with unlimited data usage included in the price.

AT&T student internet programs

AT&T offers a variety of student internet programs designed to help students save money on their monthly bills. AT&T has several different student internet plans. These include tiered plans that allow students with different needs to find the best plan for them. Students can also find out what their savings would be on each plan by visiting AT&T’s website and entering their current address and the number of devices they have at home. Students who want to get the most out of their new AT&T student internet plan should also check out what kind of devices they can use with it, as well as whether or not they qualify for any discounts from AT&T or other companies.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots

Visit any café and you're likely to find a promise of free Wi-Fi access! Public hotspots are all around, making it easy for anyone with a device to get online.

With the hectic lifestyles of today, having reliable access to a free internet connection is essential for many people. Thankfully some businesses are doing their part by offering Wi-Fi in exchange for purchasing a beverage from them and then there are public resources such as libraries and town centers that provide open access points for everyone to use.

Hotspots for college students

College can be an expensive time for any student, but you don't have to let sky-high internet costs dampen your spirits. Take a step back and enjoy the memories of when family provided all the online access that was needed without digging into your wallet – even if it's just in spirit!

Just because you're away from home as a student doesn't mean that your access to the world is out of reach. With hotspots, staying connected with family and friends can be easy - and free!

Get ready to log on and explore! Your internet provider may have given you access to a huge network of Wi-Fi hotspots. From Starbucks, libraries, and more, many Comcast customers don't even know they can take advantage of this exciting perk - all without breaking the bank!

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FAQ - Internet for Students

1: Why is having a good internet connection important for students?
A: Students rely heavily on the Internet for their daily routines, especially for their schoolwork. They need a reliable and fast connection to access online resources, attend online classes, and communicate with their teachers and peers.

2: Are there any programs or discounts available for low-income households to get internet service?
A: Yes, there are several programs and discounts available for low-income households to get internet service. These include Lifeline, Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), and EveryoneOn. Eligibility requirements for each program may vary depending on income and government programs used.

3: Are there any internet providers that offer special deals for students?
A: Yes, some internet providers offer special deals and discounts for students. Xfinity, for example, offers off-campus student deals starting at $55 per month for the most basic plan. Other internet providers may also offer special deals, so it's best to check their websites for details.

4: Is there a free internet program available for students?
A: Yes, T-Mobile offers Project 10Million, an initiative that aims to deliver free internet connectivity to millions of underserved student households. Eligible students will receive free high-speed data and mobile hotspots, as well as access to low-cost laptops and tablets.

5: How can a student apply for the free internet program under Project 10 Million?
A: Students or parents can apply for the program by using the Apply Now link on the Project 10Million website or by visiting a retail store to receive assistance in enrolling online. They will need to provide proof of eligibility, such as enrollment in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or other government programs.

6: What benefits can eligible students receive under Project 10 Million?
A: Eligible students can receive free high-speed data and mobile hotspots, as well as access to low-cost laptops and tablets. An optional 4GB 30-day data pass is also available for $15.

7: How long does it take to receive a free hotspot under Project 10 Million?
A: Students can expect to receive their free hotspot in approximately 3-5 business days. They will receive an email with tracking information once the hotspot is shipped.