Learn how to watch NFL games in 2023 with our comprehensive guide. Find streaming options, schedules, and more. Get ready for game day!

Live TV streaming services for NFL games

Local Pack

NFL In-market games

Channels: CBS and FOX
Services: Paramount+ (Live CBS games)
Spanish-language channels: FOX Deportes (Select FOX games)
NFL game count: ~76 games per region
Local Pack

SUNDAY TICKET Out-of-market

Services: NFL Sunday Ticket
NFL game count: ~200 Sunday 

Local Pack

Sunday Night Football

Channels: NBC
Services: Peacock
Spanish-language channels: Telemundo and UNIVERSO
NFL game count: 21 games (including 18 SNF games)
Local Pack

Monday Night Football

Channels: ESPN, ABC, and ESPN2
Services: ESPN+
Spanish-language channels: ESPN Deportes
NFL game count: 22 MNF games

As the 2024 NFL season commences on September 7, catching all the live games can be made easier with YouTube TV's NFL Sunday Ticket. However, to ensure access to every live NFL game this season, you'll also need subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, and Peacock.

In our comprehensive guide, we present the six major broadcasting options available for the league, encompassing all NFL channels and services. Each section offers provider recommendations tailored to your specific viewing preferences.

So get ready for some football action, put on your shoulder pads, and smear on the eye black, because the team is ready to guide you through the thrilling journey on the gridiron.

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Essential Channels for Watching NFL Games in 2024

To ensure comprehensive coverage of NFL games in 2024, you'll need to tune into a variety of networks and services. Major broadcasters such as Amazon Prime Video, CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network will be showcasing the thrilling NFL action.

With a staggering 272 games spread across 18 weeks during the regular season, it's crucial to have access to both in-market and out-of-market viewing options. To help you stay up-to-date, here is a comprehensive list of the primary channels and services that offer live NFL game coverage:

In addition to these, you can catch NFL simulcasts and alternate broadcasts on channels like ABC, ESPN2, and Nickelodeon. For even more football excitement, NFL RedZone is available. This channel exclusively operates on Sundays during the regular season, offering live coverage of every Sunday afternoon game, regardless of regional blackouts.

NFL Schedule: Major Events and Broadcasting Details

Start planning your next NFL watch party well in advance. Visit our comprehensive NFL Schedule This Week to access details about upcoming NFL matchups, including kickoff times and the corresponding channel listings.

Furthermore, we have compiled a table below, highlighting the most notable NFL events that deserve your attention.




2024 Hall of Fame Game

August 3, 2024


NFL Playoffs

January–February 2024


NFL Pro Bowl Games

February 2024


NFL Honors

February 2024

NBCPeacock, NFL Network

Super Bowl LVIII

February 11, 2024


2024 NFL Draft

April 2024



In-market NFL games: CBS and FOX

Channels: CBS and FOX
Services: Paramount+ (Live CBS games in Premium plan)
Spanish-language channels: FOX Deportes (Select FOX games)
NFL game count: ~76 games per region

The majority of NFL matchups occur on Sunday afternoons and are broadcasted on either CBS or FOX. Typically, CBS airs games featuring AFC road teams, while FOX broadcasts games with NFC road teams.

Since multiple NFL games take place simultaneously on Sunday afternoons, you will only have access to the ones selected for your specific location. Various factors determine the in-market games available in your area, but, you will be able to watch every game involving your local team and any games with playoff implications for your local team.

CBS and FOX can be easily accessed through most TV providers. However, if you reside within the coverage range of your local CBS and FOX affiliates, you can enjoy all in-market NFL games by using an over-the-air (OTA) antenna.

A good quality antenna typically ranges from $20 to $60. The best part is that it is a one-time payment that grants you years of access to numerous watch live sports events. One recommended option is the Mohu Leaf 50, available for $47.99 on Amazon*, which offers a range of 60 miles and supports 4K capabilities. Nevertheless, there are several antenna choices to consider.

NFL Sunday Ticket: Streaming Out-of-Market Games

Price: $349.00–$489.00/season
NFL game count: ~200 Sunday afternoon games

For those who support non-local NFL teams or crave the excitement of watching numerous live games, NFL Sunday Ticket is the ultimate TV plan. This season, the out-of-market sports package has made a significant transition from DIRECTV to YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels.

Opting for NFL Sunday Ticket via YouTube TV proves to be the optimal choice for cord-cutters, as it also provides access to NFL channels such as CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network. With this comprehensive package, you can enjoy every Watch game of the season conveniently in one place. The only exceptions are the non-local Thursday Night Football games exclusive to Amazon Prime Video, one international game on ESPN+, and two matches exclusively available on Peacock.

While NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube TV caters perfectly to ardent football fans, its price tag can be as daunting as going head-to-head in a one-on-one tackling drill against Ray Lewis. Thankfully, you can avoid the hassles of contracts and equipment requirements that were associated with DIRECTV. Alternatively, consider exploring NFL+ for an affordable means to watch out-of-market NFL games on demand.

Thursday Night Football Takes Center Stage on Amazon Prime Video

Price: $8.99–$14.99/mo. or $139.00/yr.
Free trial of Amazon Prime Video: 30 days
NFL game count: 16 TNF games

Amazon Prime Video serves as the exclusive home for Thursday Night Football, showcasing a total of 16 thrilling matchups in 2024. While most Thursday night games can be streamed on Prime Video, it's important to note that the games in Weeks 1 and 12 will be broadcasted on NBC. Nevertheless, there's an exciting addition this season as Prime Video will host the inaugural NFL Black Friday game, a strategic move by the world's largest online storefront.

If your primary interest in Prime Video revolves around NFL games, we highly recommend consulting the Thursday Night Football schedule. This will enable you to identify when your favorite teams will be playing and determine whether subscribing to Prime Video for the entire season is necessary.

Sunday Night Football Returns with an Exciting Lineup

Channels: NBC
Services: Peacock
Spanish-language channels: Telemundo and UNIVERSO
NFL game count: 21 games (Including 18 SNF games)

Sunday Night Football is back with an exciting lineup, featuring the dynamic trio of Mike Tirico, Cris Collinsworth, and Melissa Stark. The highly anticipated 2024 NFL season will bring fans a total of 18 thrilling Sunday Night Football games, along with an exclusive match on Peacock during Week 16. NBC's comprehensive coverage also includes two additional matchups: the traditional NFL Kickoff game in Week 1 and an exciting fixture on Thanksgiving night.

To catch Sunday Night Football, you have multiple options. You can tune in to NBC through most TV providers, ensuring access to the games. Alternatively, if you reside near an NBC affiliate, you can easily pick up the channel using an OTA antenna.

For a budget-friendly streaming option, Peacock is a fantastic choice. With their premium plans starting at just $4.99 per month, you can enjoy complete access to every Sunday Night Football game as well as the thrilling NBC playoff matches.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of Sunday Night Football, whether you choose to watch it on NBC or stream it on Peacock.

NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN

Channels: ESPN, ABC, and ESPN2
Services: ESPN+
Spanish-language channels: ESPN Deportes
NFL game count: 22 MNF games

ESPN presents a total of 22 Monday Night Football matchups throughout the 2024 NFL season. This includes four exclusive games that will be broadcasted on ABC. Notable games to look forward to are the Buffalo Bills versus the New York Jets in Week 1 and the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 11.

For the main Monday Night Football broadcast, you can tune in to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the broadcast booth. However, if you prefer a different experience, you can catch Peyton and Eli Manning hosting their own version of Monday Night Football on ESPN2 and ESPN+. They will be hosting ten alternate telecasts known as Manningcasts during the 2024 season, and you can expect some exciting guest appearances.

ESPN is available through all major TV providers, and if you're looking for an affordable option, Sling TV's Orange plan offers access to the channel at a lower cost. But here's the good news: you don't necessarily need a TV plan to enjoy every Monday Night Football game. Some games will be broadcasted on ABC, which you can watch using an OTA antenna.

A Guide to Streaming NFL Preseason Games

The NFL preseason for 2024 kicks off on August 3, featuring the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, which will be televised on NBC and streamed on Peacock. During August, most NFL teams participate in three preseason games. While these games are primarily broadcasted on local channels, selected preseason matchups can also be found on NFL Network and other national networks.

For those looking to stream live NFL preseason action, NFL+ is a fantastic option. It grants access to out-of-market games throughout August, allowing fans to catch all the thrilling moments. However, if you're seeking more recommendations on how to watch the NFL preseason, we have a comprehensive guide available, providing you with various viewing options.

How to Watch NFL Games Without Paying?

If you're wondering how to watch NFL games without paying, here's a solution: connect an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to your television. By doing so, you can enjoy free access to a variety of NFL games, including playoffs and even the Super Bowl, as long as you're within range of a local ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC station. To confirm which channels are available in your area, the FCC's Reception Map Tool is a reliable resource.

While it's true that an OTA antenna requires an initial purchase, it guarantees NFL coverage for multiple seasons, making it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, with an antenna, you'll also gain access to other football leagues like the USFL and XFL, along with live NBA, NHL, and MLB games. If you're in search of a recommendation, the Mohu Leaf 50 ($47.99 on Amazon*) is highly regarded for its extensive coverage and superior picture quality.

Unfortunately, if an antenna isn't a viable option for your location, accessing live NFL games online for free becomes more challenging. However, there's still a possibility to explore by signing up for a free trial with a live TV streaming service. To find the best streaming platforms dedicated to sports, you can refer to our comprehensive guide on the Best Streaming Services for Sports.

The Final Take on the NFL Game

NFL games are broadcasted on various channels and platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network. However, you don't necessarily need an extensive TV package to enjoy the games this season. In fact, with a simple OTA antenna, you can catch many exciting matchups that are aired on local channels.

For avid NFL fans, we highly recommend YouTube TV with NFL Sunday Ticket. It grants access to every NFL game except those on Prime Video, ESPN+, and Peacock. Additionally, you have the option to upgrade your plan and enjoy the comprehensive Sunday afternoon coverage provided by NFL RedZone.

If you don't require out-of-market coverage, most cable, satellite, and live TV streaming providers offer the essential NFL channels. Among them, Sling TV stands out as our preferred cost-saving streaming option. However, to ensure complete local coverage, you'll still need an OTA antenna. The good news is that by prepaying for three months, you can receive a complimentary antenna and an AirTV DVR device for recording locally televised games. To learn more about this offer and other Sling TV deals, please visit our Sling TV Deals page.



FAQ guide on how to watch NFL games:

Q: When does the NFL season usually start?

A: The NFL season typically starts in early September and runs through late December or early January, depending on the scheduling of the playoffs.

Q: How can I watch NFL games on television?

A: NFL games are primarily broadcasted on major networks like CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN. You can check your local listings to see which network is airing the game in your area.

Q: Can I watch NFL games online?

A: Yes, there are several options to watch NFL games online. One popular option is subscribing to NFL Game Pass, which allows you to stream live out-of-market games and access on-demand content. Additionally, many television networks and streaming services offer live streaming options for NFL games, such as NBC Sports, CBS All Access, FOX Sports Go, and ESPN's streaming platforms.

Q: Are there any mobile apps to watch NFL games?

A: Yes, the NFL has an official mobile app called "NFL Mobile" that allows you to stream live games on your smartphone or tablet. Other streaming services like CBS All Access, NBC Sports, FOX Sports, and ESPN also have their own dedicated mobile apps where you can watch NFL games.

Q: Can I watch NFL games internationally?

A: Yes, the NFL offers an international subscription service called "NFL Game Pass International" that allows fans outside of the United States to watch live games and access on-demand content. Additionally, some international networks and streaming services may have broadcasting rights for NFL games in specific countries.

Q: Are there any free options to watch NFL games?

A: While most streaming services and subscriptions require a paid subscription, some over-the-air networks like NBC and FOX may offer free streaming of select games on their websites or mobile apps. Additionally, certain mobile carriers may have partnerships with the NFL that allow their customers to stream games for free or at a discounted rate.

Q: Can I watch NFL games on streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

A: No, NFL games are not available on platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. However, Amazon Prime Video does have exclusive streaming rights for Thursday Night Football games, which are available to Prime members.

Q: Are there any blackouts for local NFL games?

A: Yes, the NFL has a blackout policy that restricts local broadcasts of games if the game does not sell out within a certain timeframe. However, this policy is rarely enforced, and most games are typically broadcasted in their local markets.