Super Fast AT&T Fiber Internet

Up to 300Mbps Download and Upload speeds
Free AT&T Internet Security
Connect 10+ devices all at once with Wi-Fi

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans

AT&T Fiber Internet 500


  • 500Mbps equals Download and Upload speeds
  • Consistent high speeds throughout the day for the whole family
  • Enjoy 20x faster upload speeds than cable
  • Connect several devices simultaneously so everyone can enjoy
  • AT&T Internet Security included

AT&T Fiber Internet 1000


  • 1000 Mbps connection – max speed and bandwidth
  • Consistently high speeds even at peak times
  • Enjoy 25x faster upload speeds than cable
  • Best for online gaming with Ultra-low lag
  • AT&T Internet Security included

AT&T Fiber Internet 2000


  • 2000Mbps equal Download and Upload speeds
  • For the powerfully interconnected home, work, family, and life
  • Unlimited internet data
  • Straightforward Price – no price increase at 12 months, no annual contract
  • AT&T Internet Security included

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi


  • 5000Mbps equal Download and Upload speeds

  • Supports the most cutting-edge technologies of today and tomorrow
  • Our maximum speed for truly immersive experiences
  • Straightforward Price – no price increase at 12 months, no annual contract
  • Unlimited internet data

AT&T Fiber Internet Wi-Fi Equipment

AT&T Smart Home Manager (FREE)

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi is a great way to get fast and reliable internet access for just $10 per month. With this service, you can enjoy blazing-fast speeds and stay connected on multiple devices at the same time. It also has advanced features like parental controls and guest access, so you can keep your family safe online. Plus, with AT&T's nationwide network of hotspots, you can stay connected no matter where you go. Get the most out of your internet connection with AT&T Smart Wi-Fi today!

AT&T Fiber Internet 1000

AT&T Smart Home Manager is a free service that helps you manage and control your home from anywhere. With the help of this service, you can easily monitor, manage and control all your home’s connected devices from one convenient place. It also allows you to set up automated rules and notifications to keep your home secure, comfortable and energy-efficient. With AT&T Smart Home Manager, you can easily stay connected with your family while away from home and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Top Reason to choose AT&T Fiber Internet?

Ultra Fast Speeds

With AT&T Fiber Internet, you can choose speeds ranging from 300Mbps all the way up to 5000Mbps, so you don't have to worry about lag or data limits to enjoy all your favorite online activities. The best part? The symmetrical speeds make uploading much faster than a cable connection. The AT&T Gigabit internet plan is available for you to enjoy.

Reliable Connection

You can enjoy streaming, surfing, and downloading your favorite content without any worries thanks to the 99.9% reliability of AT&T Fiber Internet. Its strong signal ensures consistent service and high speeds for all of your devices, even during busy times.

More Bandwidth

Let fiber internet revolutionize your daily routine. With AT&T Fiber Internet, you can enjoy more bandwidth than standard cable internet, which means you can seamlessly work from home, stream to your heart’s content, study online without interruptions, and play your favorite online games with ease.

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