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WOW! Availability South Carolina

WOW! Internet Providers in South Carolina

The Internet service providers in South Carolina are known for providing faster speeds and excellent customer service. WOW! is one of the largest providers in the state.

In 2022, WOW! It became a division of Verizon, allowing them to provide its services to a broader number of people. WOW! Internet Providers have been receiving praises from many customers who have been using their services for years.

WOW! Internet providers provide various services, including high-speed internet and cable services in South Carolina. WOW in South Carolina has been able to offer great pricing and superior customer service with its flexible plans. These companies provide these services at reasonable rates, and their customer service team tries their best to ensure that customers are satisfied with their experience with WOW!

WOW! Pricing and Deals

Best overall

Internet 500*

Speed: 500 Mbps

Best for budgets

Internet 100†

Speed: 100 Mbps

Best for speed

Internet 1 Gig‡

Speed: 1000 Mbps

Choose the Right WOW! Plan for Your Home

WOW Internet Plan for Home is the right plan for you if you're looking to enjoy endless entertainment at home. It offers a range of features that let you watch what you want when you want - regardless of your home's size or location.

As the fastest and the most reliable way of watching TV, WOW Internet Plan for Home is an excellent option if you have a family or are planning on hosting guests and need to do some last-minute preparations.

With no limits on data usage, this plan gives you an unlimited number of movies, shows, and videos to watch as long as your data can last. If your data does run out before in the month, purchase subscription credits from WOW!

Why WOW! Internet is the Best Choice?

WOW, the Internet is an affordable, reliable, fast internet provider in South Carolina. With the continuous adoption of technology and advancements in Wi-Fi speeds and quality, WOW Internet has provided its customers with better services than competitors.

WOW! Internet provides customers with fiber optic internet services, allowing them to download movies faster or upload videos quicker than standard DSL technology. Some other services offered are their wireless devices like routers and modems, which can provide the best WiFi speeds available in the area despite being at different locations.