What Channel is PBS on Xfinity?

PBS can be found on different channels depending on your location.

Yes, you can access PBS on Xfinity. Xfinity offers a wide range of channels and PBS is one of them. With your Xfinity subscription, you can enjoy all the programming that PBS has to offer right from the comfort of your own home.

PBS is known for its high-quality educational and entertaining content, including popular shows like "Masterpiece," "Nature," and "Frontline." Whether you're interested in documentaries, dramas, or children's programming, PBS has something for everyone.

By having access to PBS on Xfinity, you can stay informed with current events through news programs like "PBS NewsHour" or explore fascinating topics through thought-provoking documentaries. Additionally, PBS provides educational content that can be beneficial for both children and adults alike.

So if you're a fan of PBS or simply looking for enriching and engaging television programming, rest assured that you can find it on Xfinity. Enjoy the best of what PBS has to offer without having to leave your living room with the convenience of your Xfinity subscription.

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A brief history of PBS

PBS, or the Public Broadcasting Service, has a rich and fascinating history that spans several decades. It all began in 1967 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act into law, establishing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and paving the way for the creation of PBS.

The primary goal of PBS was to provide educational and informative programming to the American public. It aimed to fill a void in television programming by offering content that was not driven solely by commercial interests. This unique approach allowed PBS to offer a diverse range of shows that catered to various interests and demographics.

In its early years, PBS faced numerous challenges as it worked towards establishing itself as a trusted source of quality programming. However, it quickly gained recognition for its commitment to educational content, cultural enrichment, and public service.

Over time, PBS became known for its iconic programs such as Sesame Street, Masterpiece Theatre, Frontline, NOVA, and Nature. These shows not only entertained audiences but also provided valuable insights into science, history, literature, and current affairs.

Today, PBS continues to be a vital part of the American television landscape. It remains committed to its mission of providing programming that educates and inspires viewers across the nation. With its extensive network of member stations and partnerships with independent producers, PBS continues to deliver high-quality content that informs and entertains millions of viewers.

In conclusion, the history of PBS is one marked by innovation and dedication to public service broadcasting. From its humble beginnings in 1967 to becoming a trusted source for educational programming today - PBS has played an essential role in shaping the landscape of American television.

What Channel is PBS on Xfinity?

The PBS channel is accessible on Channel 1655.

If you're a subscriber of Xfinity and wondering what channel PBS is on, we've got you covered. PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, offers a wide range of educational and entertaining programming that many viewers enjoy. To find PBS on Xfinity, simply tune in to channel [insert channel number here].

By having PBS readily available on Xfinity, viewers can easily access quality content that informs, inspires, and engages. Whether you're interested in documentaries, children's programming, or thought-provoking shows, PBS provides a diverse lineup that caters to various interests.

So sit back, relax, and explore the world of knowledge and entertainment that awaits you on PBS through your Xfinity subscription. Tune in to [insert channel number] to embark on a journey of discovery with PBS today!

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How to Get PBS on Xfinity TV?

If you're looking to access PBS on your Xfinity TV, we've got you covered. Xfinity offers a wide range of channels and programming options, including PBS, one of the most popular networks for entertainment and reality shows.

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To get PBS on your Xfinity TV, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that you have an active Xfinity TV subscription: Make sure that you are subscribed to a package that includes access to the PBS. You can check your subscription details by logging into your Xfinity account or contacting their customer support.
  2. Navigate to the channel guide: On your Xfinity remote control, press the "Guide" button. This will bring up the channel guide on your TV screen.
  3. Search for PBS: Using the arrow keys on your remote control, scroll through the channel guide until you find PBS. The channels are typically listed in numerical order for easy navigation.
  4. Tune in to PBS: Once you've located PBS in the channel guide, simply press the corresponding number or select it with your remote control to start watching.

If you still cannot find or access PBS on your Xfinity TV after following these steps, it's best to reach out to Xfinity's customer support for further assistance. They will be able to troubleshoot any technical issues and ensure that you can enjoy all the great content offered by PBS on your Xfinity TV.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy all your favorite shows and series on PBS with Xfinity!

Here are some of the Xfinity TV packages:

List of  PBS Shows

Check now below popular PBS Shows

Are you a fan of PBS shows? Look no further! Below, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular PBS shows that you can check out right now.




Downton Abbey

The Durrells

Endeavour (TV series)

Miss Scarlet and The Duke

Beecham House

Sherlock (TV series)

This Old House

Marie Antoinette (TV series)

DI Ray

World on Fire

Mrs Wilson

Wild Kratts

Home Fires

Tom Jones (miniseries)

All Creatures Great and Small

Doc Martin

Indian Summers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I access PBS content through Xfinity On Demand?

A: Yes, you can. Xfinity offers PBS On Demand, which allows you to watch a variety of PBS programs and content at your convenience. To access it, press the "On Demand" or "Menu" button on your remote and look for the PBS section.

Q: Do I need a specific Xfinity package to get PBS channels?

A: PBS channels are typically included in Xfinity's basic channel lineup, but availability may vary by region and package. If you're unsure, you can check your channel lineup on the Xfinity website or contact Xfinity customer support for specific package details.

Q: Are there high-definition (HD) PBS channels on Xfinity?

A: Yes, Xfinity offers high-definition PBS channels in many areas. To find the HD channel for PBS, follow the same steps mentioned in Q1, but look for channels labeled "HD" in the listings.

Q: Can I stream PBS content online with my Xfinity subscription?

A: Yes, Xfinity offers the Xfinity Stream app, which allows you to stream live TV channels, including PBS, on your mobile devices and computer. Simply download the app and log in with your Xfinity credentials to access PBS content.

Q: What should I do if I can't find PBS on my Xfinity channel lineup?

A: If you're having trouble finding PBS on your Xfinity channel lineup, contact Xfinity customer support. They can assist you in locating the channel or provide information on any potential service issues in your area.

Please note that channel numbers and availability may change over time, so it's a good idea to periodically check with Xfinity or visit their website for the most up-to-date information on PBS channel listings in your specific location.

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