Verizon High Speed Internet

Verizon High Speed Internet Reviews FAQ

Verizon’s DSL Internet service is the brand name for their slower, but cheaper broadband. Reviews on this page are from customers who have used it before and love how fast CtvforMe can connect them to Verizon's blazing-fast network! The most common issues seen in customer reviews thus far include problems with speed (inability) or less than desirable phone services offered by other providers like AT&T Uverse etc., which may be an option if you're looking into getting your own modem.

How We Select Reviews to Display

The Verizon Internet reviews displayed on this page are selected based on the helpfulness of content in each individual review. The overwhelming majority (or maybe all) cannot be published because they do not provide sufficient information for us to rate them or contain confusing spelling/grammar mistakes that would make understanding what you’re saying difficult at best.

As a general rule, we only publish those reviews that include specific helpful information to support the customer’s reasoning for leaving a good or bad star rating.

Are All These Reviews From Real Customers?

Yes, all Verizon Internet reviews shown on CtvforMe come from IP addresses associated with their service areas. We are able to use an IP-verification process that ensures these users have not left multiple posts or blogs about their experience in order for our company's algorithm (and you) see what customers think of internet plans!

Verizon Internet Reviews: High Speed Internet vs Fios

It's important to note the difference between Verizon Fios and High Speed Internet. When people say they are getting "DSL," it usually means that what you have is slower than high-speed internet, which can be delivered over phone lines or even fiber optic cables for more reliable service in your area instead of using old copper wire infrastructure like before!

Common Issues with Verizon High Speed DSL Internet

Some current Verizon High Speed Internet customers have complained about two key issues: speed and price. DSL service can be slow because it's not as fast for many people in more urban areas, but since this is usually their only option when they get online there are high speeds to compensate for the slowness of DSL connections. Additionally, bundle pricing doesn't apply unless you also subscribe with landline phone services which means that if someone wants both--they'll need two bills rather than just one!

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