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Zito Media is an ISP based in Pennsylvania, that provides internet for homes and businesses, phone, and cable television. Zito Media was established in 2004 to offer a connection solution for small towns and rural areas that are not attractive to large pan-regional Telecom companies. Zito Media offers internet connections ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps which is delivered through a fiber optics connection with the use of DOCSIS 3. 1 technology. Home users have power buying plans for internet connection that cover standard internet usage that only requires web browsing to high internet usage which requires high bandwidth for items such as streaming, gaming, and operation of smart devices at home. Business clients can have fiber connections with symmetrical speeds by guarantee to help run their businesses. About coverage area, Zito Media now offers services to more than one hundred communities located in several counties of Pennsylvania. The company has not only strived to establish an affiliation with the local governments but has also been able to make use of the state’s infrastructure grants to perpetually deploy the fiber optic networks to cover more households and businesses. Zito Media can be considered as one of the players that provide more distributed internet access, unlike large cable and telecom operators, while focusing on rural American towns. Its localized customer service focus seeks to offer a unique service for each community that it is targeting.

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