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ZipLink Internet is a provider of internet services with a focus on the residential and commercial markets in a certain region, that provide broadband connection services. ZipLink was established in the Midwestern region of the United States of America in 2005, and boasts fiber-optic connectivity, among other technological advancements, to ensure that clients get the best internet services. ZipLink Internet is a fast internet that provides download speeds of up to 1 GB/s; this allows its customers to enjoy activities such as streaming HD videos, downloading, and video conferencing, among other tasks, without experiencing interferences or interruptions and the connection of multiple devices. If you’re an individual with a laptop, a small office with multiple computers, or a large home equipped with internet-enabled devices, ZipLink offers a plan to fit your specific situation. Mainly focusing on the Midwestern region and small markets where large telecommunications companies may not offer services, ZipLink Internet distinguishes itself by its high-quality customer care. Technical support is offered round the clock to address any technical issues that the clients might face without the ease of outsourcing to a foreign country. Contracts are also flexible and are not long-term in nature, whereby you are bound to a service provider for several years. If you are interested in searching for a great, fast, and dependable internet service provider that serves your location, ZipLink Internet is a company that can meet your needs in terms of pricing and service quality. In the future, ZipLink hopes to expand its comprehensive technological infrastructure and connect the remaining communities to high-speed broadband networks.

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