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An example is the vision of having wireless Internet access in all places we go. The use of mobile communication has increased due to development in cellular and WiFi networks making it easier to connect with friends while on the move. There are new generations of the cellular networks being deployed that will provide much higher communication speed, far less time to establish connection, and tremendous capacity to support a large number of devices. This will particularly be useful for applications like video streaming of high definition video and virtual reality experiences anywhere. Public wireless connections remain common in coffee shops, libraries, airplanes, and many other locations. Some cities are already implementing a citywide public Wi-Fi system to their entire population. I also found that WiFi support is utilized in trains, buses, and ferries to enable passengers to get their entertainment and work necessities as they travel. Advancements in such areas let our phones and laptops to connect to various connections without having to go through complex processes of network handoffs. This is to mean we can start an activity such as streaming music and continue it in the train WiFi and without any interruption as the device connects to the café WiFi. The vision of wireless is alive and on the move with continued evolution. But with more progress made even in the field of everyday networks, only time will define how far these networks can take us.

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