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The current post is about one of the most popular and widely used broadband internet services in Indonesia, called XL Broadband Internet. XL was established in 1996 and is now one of Indonesia’s most recognized internet service providers to accessing fast and reliable internet. For internet connections, XL Broadband has embraced fiber optic and LTE technology for internet which offer up to 1 Gigabit. It offers broadband services to various categories of users; those who just surf the internet occasionally, those who download and use the internet for gaming purposes that require higher speeds and the lowest amount of lag. Some points that can be differentiated with XL Broadband are as follows: XL Broadband offers service coverage even in the rural areas of Indonesia, it has affordable and clear price offers that suit every pocket, installation is as simple as any other broadband connection, it has local Indonesian support; and it is sensitive to cultural differences and the Indonesian market. New actions by XL since then include the roll out of fiber in over 2000 places to increase the speeds. They have also introduced 5G trials in some parts of the country in collaboration with manufacturers of smartphones like Vivo and Oppo to take Indonesia to the next level of mobile broadband. Currently, the company has been providing quality internet access for almost 25 years, which has become the need of the Indonesians in their work, gaming, streaming, and many other activities.

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