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Wisper ISP is a fast-growing telecommunications company in the region with a primary focus on providing home internet connections in the Midwest states. Based in Cyprus, Wisper was established in 2005 and has progressively grown its fiber optic infrastructure to serve tens of thousands of households and businesses. One of the strengths of Wisper is that due to its use of fixed wireless and fiber-to-the-home solutions it is able to offer its customers internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Fast and stable internet connection is suitable for high bandwidth usage scenarios such as streaming high-definition videos, playing online games, conducting video conference calls, as well as controlling smart homes. Wisper’s biggest selling point is the cost since the price starts at $49/month for their packages. This service also offers the cheap plan with unlimited data usage, no annual contract, and free 24/7 tech support. They also offer several attractive deals on bundled services, especially when you include their VoIP phone or TV services with their home internet. That is why Wisper is dedicated to connecting rural areas which have not had access to proper internet service from large ISPs for many years; the company is growing its network annually. Such initiatives as the extension of high-speed access to small towns and rural areas have assisted in the narrowing of the digital gap in the Midwest. Wisper is a local internet service provider that aims at providing home internet that is readily accessible and affordable based on the various areas of operation.

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