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Wise Broadband Internet is a fixed broadband internet service provider that connects homes and businesses in the region with internet connectivity, phone connections, and cable television. Wise Broadband is an American telecommunications company based in Richmond, Virginia and was started in 2005, that uses fiber optic as well as fiber coaxial hybrid technology to deliver broadband speeds of up to 1 Gb/s. The company primarily targets rural areas that have been left behind as small fries by the giant national telecoms, and Wise builds its own broadband network from scratch. The company remains on a relentless fiber network growth trajectory across Virginia and other neighboring states. Getting ahead of other similar service providers, the company offers fast Internet connection and stable connection that is complemented by its reputation of good local customer service and technical support. Technicians are located in the regions they operate in, that way they are readily available to resolve problems on the spot. The locally-based call center also means that customers are not just speaking to representatives who are unfamiliar with the company’s regional network but those who are trained on the specific network. At Wise Broadband Internet, the company slogan says it all: ”Uniting People, Creating Communities. ” Thanks to Wise, small towns and regions can also avail technology and the network necessary to connect them to the online world and opportunities of the modern world.

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