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Wind Wireless is a telecommunications company based in Canada that was founded in 2009, and the company offers both mobile phone and internet services and also television services. Wind began operations in 2009 and have their own wireless network and cover many of the large cities of Canada. In the Internet services, Wind Wireless operates wireless home internet through LTE connection. Wind says that it can give internet with high speeds and with no limit yet with no contracts or data limitations. It comes with download speeds of 25Mbps to 100Mbps depending on the region of user, and has lower latency than satellite internet. The service caters for the households in Wind’s area of coverage in the market which seeks to have a cheap and flexible home broadband service without being tied into any lengthy contract. Thus, it is important for customers to note that in order to access Wind’s wireless home internet, the customer needs to have an LTE Internet Hub or Modem from Wind. It is an electronic device that receives the LTE signal, then transmits a WiFi network within the home that can support multiple devices such as phones, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, and others. Thus, while there are no restrictions on data usage, the service is suitable for streaming high-definition videos, using the internet, online gaming and downloading large files. In sum, Wind Wireless’s strategic plan is to challenge the currently established Canadian internet market by providing customers with fast wireless home internet without any obligations to sign contracts for a specific amount of time. For customers who are annoyed with long-term contracts, and restrictive tariffs from the big three telecoms, Wind gives a cheap and convenient option to LTE areas.

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