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WiFi Services Caribbean Internet is a company that offers Internet connection to the Caribbean islands that are efficient, fast, and reliable. We have built our reputation as the leading internet service provider because we are focused on delivering exceptional customer experience while employing advanced technologies needed to ensure that our customers remain connected for more than fifteen years. Our broadband internet plans come with the capability of up to 100 Mbp for purposes of video calling, streaming, or gaming and even at the peak usage. We likewise have variable business internet plans with dedicated bandwidth packages for the online operations of modern businesses in hospitality, healthcare and financial sectors. It is quite easy to install and with the help of our skilled IT professionals, you can have your business or home connected within a short time. Mobile internet is also not a problem when island hopping: We offer mobile Wi-Fi rentals, as well as hotspots in 20 Caribbean hubs including airports, hotels, caf├ęs, and convention centers. Our economic short term international bundle enables you to read, write emails, post status, and use maps sparingly without the gruesome roaming prices. This company or organization is known as WiFi Services Caribbean Internet and our goal is to expand the opportunities for Internet connection and offer fast and stable connection with helpful support. Please use the contact information provided below and get connected with us today.

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