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One of the latest technologies being introduced in the market is the Wi-Power Internet, which simply means you do not have to connect your devices with cables or wires to be connected to the internet. This employs low power invisible light beams between transceivers usually installed on street lamps, walls, etc to transfer data without wires. The technology translates data into infrared beams with rates of transmission at 10Gbps thus provide wireless internet connection speeds. A primary strength of Wi-Power Internet is the fact that it is able to offer complete wireless connection by cities and even larger districts. They are suitable for offering Interconnectivity to rural regions and other underdeveloped parts of the world. As it does not cover itself with cables or use cell towers, it does not have to deal with massive infrastructural costs seen in wired networks and can even bypass problems such as roads being torn up. In the setup, it only involves installing transceivers at various places as to create a wireless network in that area. Some of the characteristics of Wi-Power Internet include high bandwidth due to license free light spectrum, and shorter latency compared to satellite internet, encrypted transmissions for security, and free from havoc by weather. As they are still in the testing phase, some people opine that, when it is launched in test markets, Wi-Power Internet is poised to be an economic and viable solution to Wire the Billions. Thus, its wireless nature can eventually lead to Internet penetration as pervasive as that of electric power.

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