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Wi-Fiber Details:

Wi-Fiber is thus a new kind of wireless broadband internet service that is efficient in delivering internet through the use of fiber optics. It functions by using light to carry information over short distances through the air instead of radio frequencies. This makes it possible for Wi-Fi to deliver internet speeds through fiber optic cables without the need for cables and routers. The Wi-Fiber configuration entails two transceiver kits with lasers and photo-detectors, wherein one is connected at your home or office while the other is at the nearest service provider node. The units are able to have a high-bandwidth and bi-directional data transfer of around 1.5 miles in any type of weather. It is very secure and does not easily get interfered with, as is the case with signals that are transmitted across airwaves. The biggest strength of Wi-Fi is its simplicity in setting up the transceiver units; the physical connection can be made in a matter of hours or days without needing to dig up streets or building’s infrastructure to lay fiber cables underground. It enables many suburban and rural households to access fiber at comparable speeds faster and at a lower cost for the ISPs rather than stringing up fiber physically up to each building. In line with the advancement in technology, Wi-Fi seeks to narrow this gap by offering high speed internet connections to almost everyone for use in both work and recreational activities, as well as education and information purposes.

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