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WhiteSky Communications as an organization has vision of ensuring that customers have easy access to fast internet connection. WhiteSky has emerged as a competitor with telecommunications using the fiber optic technology for clients to enjoy download speeds of up to 1 Gbps even during the peak hours for video calling, streaming and playing games and others. Whether it’s for business and economics or home-schooling, games or movies, WhiteSky offers a plan that will suit you. Packages range from 100Mbps on the slower end, 500Mbps in the middle, and 1Gbps on the higher end ensuring multiple devices can connect simultaneously with no chance of slow connection or buffering. Additional savings can be had if you opt for TV and home phone bundle. Installation is simple and fast; it can be done in a few minutes without any specific computer knowledge. We will arrange for our experienced and professional tech team to visit your home or business and install your new fiber internet connection, your Wi-Fi router, and other services that you have chosen. Moreover, the client service is also great; you can always contact the support agents by phone, live chat, or e-mail, if necessary. Experience the premier internet connection only at WhiteSky Fiber Optics; the best fiber optic internet service in town. Enjoy strong wifi connection for each room and our fast response that is ideal for any internet activities. This is not very effective because it is not specific to any particular product and it does not explain the benefits of buying the product from the company to the new customers.

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