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WesTex Connect has been vested with the responsibility of delivering fast & reliable internet services to the residents of rural West Texas. Originally established in 2005, WesTex Connect employs the application of advanced technologies, including fixed wireless and fiber optics, to offer a bandwidth ranging from 200 Mbps up to a staggering 1 GB to clients located even in the most rural regions. WesTex Connect has sought to tackle the digital divide issue by hiring skilled technicians and offering the best customer care services. High costs for infrastructure have hampered many rural areas with insufficient connectivity, WesTex Connect is also interested in extending the extensive high-speed connections. The company has undertaken the establishment of over 300 towers covering eighteen rural counties, with the internet service having extended to over sixty thousand households. Working with regional governments and with the help of federal grants, WesTex Connect can provide its customers, including businesses, farms, schools, and homes, with rates that are favorable enough. With no strings attached, home and business consumers are only required to pay a monthly subscription fee for the speeds sufficient for multiple devices streaming, gaming, or video-conferencing at a time. As one of the few companies specializing in bringing broadband to rural areas, WesTex Connect has grown with nearly 20 years of experience and aims to connect every Texan to the internet, which has become a necessity in the modern world and plays a significant role in social and economic development. The company claims to be a local company and a provider of reliable electricity to support innovative projects that will drive West Texas forward.

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