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It is a regional ISP that provides Internet connection at high bandwidth via broadband connections in the western part of the U. S. Westelcom was established in 1996 and has its operational base in Reno, Nevada, United States and it offers Internet connection and hosting services as well as other related services to its customers, both residential and commercial. As a telecommunications company with 22 years of operations in 12 states, Westelcom can offer download speeds up to 1 Gbps under fiber optic and fixed wireless connections. This approach provides the best plans with 24/7 customer support, no data caps, and free standard installation. Designed for households and businesses that require consistent, uncontrolling broadband connection, Westelcom stands to address the digital inequalities that many rural areas to the west of the Rockies struggle with. The company goes on to extend its fiber network by partnering with regional stakeholders and local councils to establish internet access in areas that are currently underserved or have limited access to quality broadband services. Westelcom offers a cheaper option for home phone as well as other bundled service packages for residents in their locations of service and is the best independent ISP that caters to the western region customers who have unique connectivity requirements. Their support team is comprised of locally-based support specialists who can assist users in getting the most out of their internet connection and who can also troubleshoot problems.

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  • Fiber

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