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West Carolina Tel Internet, or WCTI, is a regional telecommunications company offering home internet services mostly in western North Carolina. Established in 1985 and operating from Asheville, WCTI provides fibre optic and DSL broadband services to over 50 home and business stations in towns and rural areas of East Carolina. WctI offers some of the fastest internet services in western North Carolina, with download speeds of up to 1 Gbps on their fiber network. Their network has been over the years in the last decade to accommodate increased usage and sharing of data and bandwidth. While most of the large national internet providers ignore the rural areas that are yet underdeveloped, WCTI has an important role in providing internet connection to small towns and other communities in the region. They have service plans and bundles that are perfect for families seeking to get home internet service as well as small business persons who require a dependable internet connection. With its roots in the local area and the slogan “connecting people to their passion since 1981”, WCTI has long been an internet provider focused on providing excellent customer service and support to its customers. While it is based in the western North Carolina region, they now offer fiber optics exceeding 3,500 miles providing Internet connectivity to hitherto unserved inhabitants and businesses.

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