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WeLink Communications is a new generation internet service provider that focuses on delivering fiber internet to customers in rural facilities. Established in 2005, WeLink initially began with wireless Internet, especially in the smaller towns and then evolved into a fiber-to-the-home company. WeLink fiber internet delivers a connection of up to one gigabit per second, and allows customers to stream high-definition video, play games online, and link multiple devices simultaneously without a hitch. Fiber network is still a thing with them and it is the best because it supports multiple users and connections at once. When it comes to major national ISPs, WeLink is unique since the firm operates locally. Personal touches or customer relations, supporting the needs of rural towns often left out from the likes of big cable companies. Technicians reside in the society where they are posted to offer their services. Instead of relying on leased fiber space as many ISPs do, WeLink invests heavily in building advanced fiber optic networks for entire regions with the help of local governments and state and federal grants. Their target market is the rural population and their services are quite cheap and don’t require a long-term commitment while providing a fast internet connection crucial in today’s world. The case of WeLink proves that an exclusively local provider focused on the USA can significantly contribute to bridging the digital divide.

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