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Web Fire Communications is a provider of Internet services that was established in 2005 to offer broadband fiber optic Internet connections in rural areas. Web Fire which is based in Des Moines Iowa has grown from a small start-up company in the past decade to service, more than 50,000 homes and businesses. Web Fire is a leading internet service provider that has benefited from state and federal grants to establish a network with thousands of fiber-optic cable miles. It has brought fiber to many small towns and farms with speeds of 1Gbps download and uploads. On its website, Web Fire shares information about how the broadband internet connection can redefine rural life since individuals and families can work from home, access medical facilities through remote consultations, shop online, and have school lessons online. Besides fiber internet, Web Fire also offers phone and cable TV packages, computer repair and support, web design/hosting & email services for home and business users. For fast and reliable connections, and excellent local customer service Web Fire has proven to be a valued asset to rural Iowans who once had to put up with slow DSL or satellite internet speeds. Looking forward, the company is eyeing to establish additional stores in neighboring Midwestern states in the next few years.

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