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WaveComm Internet is a regional Internet service provider company from central Ohio that is popular for its efficient services. WaveComm was founded in 2005 with a view to make available affordable, high-speed fiber internet service accompanied by superior customer care to the various regions of the Midwest. Below are some of the internet plans offered by WaveComm together with the corresponding download speeds available; WaveComm targets to provide among the fastest residential and business internet services available in the markets it operates in, with download speeds going up to 1Gbps. Their fiber optic network ensures stability and speed on their network since they are able to handle high traffic activities such as video streaming, online gaming and usage of smart devices at home. One of the key factors which makes WaveComm stand out from its competitors is the high level of its concern for the customers. Technical assistance is provided by the company’s support team, and they are always on standby to assist with any problems on internet connection or Wi-Fi networks. They also have local service technicians who can be called upon to provide home visits at short notice if necessary. Furthermore, WaveComm has been very strategic in their fiber internet expansion plan with targets of extending connection to five more counties that have no fiber internet coverage by 2025. Shifting between the rural areas that have never experienced the internet services provision and the fast-growing metropolitan cities, WaveComm seeks to ensure that customers have fair internet charges and quality services. Forming a strong base in Ohio, and with expansion plans in the Midwest, WaveComm is one internet service provider to look out for because of their competitively priced services and commitment to their customers.

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