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WATCH Communications is an ISP that provides broadband services in the rural Midwest and wants to expand its operations to new locations. With its roots dating back to 2005 and founded by two close friends, WATCH has remained committed to delivering quality and affordable internet connection even in rural areas that have never experienced a connection before. WATCH has network of fixed wireless towers in 6 states which transmits high-speed internet signals to homes businesses for miles round. They provide internet connection with a speed of up to 25Mps, which is adequate for streaming videos including HD movies and TV, playing online games, attending video conferences and conducting other activities that require large data. The stable wireless connection and continued coverage are made possible through the use of the modern wireless network technologies in WATCH. They have a customer support service that operates at all times through the telephone or an online chat in case a client has a problem which requires immediate attention. We have also found that WATCH, as a local internet provider for the town, supports the local communities through sponsoring high school football teams, community events, and offering a cheap internet connection for families with low income and the elderly. Despite its development over the years, WATCH asserts that the firm continues to possess that small town feeling and touch when providing homes and businesses in the heartland with connections.

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