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This company known as Packard Fiber Internet, is investing on fiber optic internet to homes and business. While Packard is a rather young provider, established in 2018, it is steadily building a vast fiber infrastructure to offer extremely high speeds up to 1Gbps. This is the unique selling proposition that makes Packard special because it uses 100% fiber optic cables directly to customer sites. Fiber Internet is known to be faster than even the cable internet or DSL, in terms of speed and latency. Specifically, it is a great product for households with numerous users, gamers, streamers, and smart devices that require bandwidth. The verified limits of Packard coverage allow choosing a few tiers of plans depending on the speed. There are various packages offered for the internet service providers, with basic plans beginning at $50 per month with a speed of 500 Mbps. Packard also gives clients options ranging from 100Mb to 1Gbps for high usage clients. These two models feature balanced upload and download capabilities to support video calls, gaming, and file sharing. Installation fees are affordable as are monthly rates since Packard Fiber does not limit data or slow down the speeds. The company has to offer fiber broadband internet as an option to the established providers and ensure that they offer reliable service as well as speeds that are as close to the advertised ones as can be. They might not operate across the country now, but Packard is steadily building more fiber in new districts to provide ultrafast, reasonably priced internet service to more homes.

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