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WANSecurity Wireless Internet is a Wireless Internet Service Provider that offers its services to home and business clients within the area. Originally established five years back in 2005, WANSecurity has its main goal set on providing fast, reliable, and secure wireless internet to the communities that need it most. With latest wireless technology like 4G LTE and fiber optic internet connection WANSecurity can offer up to 100Mbps download speed and is as fast as wired Internet Service Providers. They configure all their wireless access points to suit their specific requirement for performance and always check on them for servicing and updates that will make them to have a longer time without being serviced. Thus, WANSecurity offers a set of flexible and reasonable tariffs targeting frequent low-intensity, middle-intensity, and high-intensity users. If all you really want to do is be able to casually check email and scroll through Facebook or need much larger amounts of data for streaming, watching high definition TV and movie streaming, online gaming, and other data-intensive applications, the right wireless plan exists for you. It also offers very suitable enterprise wireless solutions for WANSecurity where an organization could get the whole office or campus connected. Therefore, WANSecurity offers local customer support service with customer support personnel available at all times and on-site technicians to solve any problem that may arise to ensure you remain connected with wireless internet for business and leisure. What we offer at WANSecurity that our wireless clientele can depend on include reliable connectivity, sound security measures, and totally customizable plans for every budget. Wireless Internet from WANSecurity: never be out of touch again.

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