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Internet visionary communications is an ISP company that was established in 2005 with its operation in the Midwest region, targeting the small towns and rural areas. A start-up company with approximately 30 employees, Visionary’s goal is to open up areas that have previously had limited or no access to current broadband services and offer effective, fast Internet connection for a reasonable price. Visionary began by offering dial up internet and has since expanded and improved its infrastructure through the years and now offers fiber optic based connections that enable download and upload speeds of one gig. Currently, it offers individual, flexible, month-to-month plans with no annual contracts as it supports internet accessibility for all, particularly people with limited income. Like all Visionary-based ISPs, the company is committed to the community and collaborates with town governments, libraries and schools and businesses to provide connection that fosters economic growth and better standard of living. Visionary may be a small player in the telecom world, but it has made a significant difference and breathed new life into these rural regions, providing them with the means of communication and residents’ prospects that the giants among the national ISPs have not even approached yet. With more expansion of the networks in prospect, Visionary Company aims at minimizing the divide further.

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