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The current focus of the present research is Viaero Wireless which provides Mobile Broadband Internet connection as a wireless service provider in some of the states in the Midwest and Mountain West region of the United States of America. Viaero has been in the wireless services business since 1991 when the company was established under the name of Viaero Inc. and it has their headquarters in Fort Morgan, Colorado. 4G LTE Mobile Internet is provided to the region of eastern Colorado, western Kansas, southwestern Nebraska, and some of Wyoming by Viaero. They need to offer affordable high speed wireless Internet connection where normally people have no or very limited access to fast wireless Internet connection at all nor choice of national big wireless providers. Due to the fact that there are no data limits and people can get as much data as they wish with Viaero Wireless internet it is great for home and business use for such things as streaming videos in high definition, playing games on the internet for entertainment or business purposes, operating a business or household, or connecting multiple devices. It also provides a dependable high speed download and upload capability on LTE supporting devices. Viaero is differentiated form other larger providers mainly in the sens that it is a local provider with more localized service and support. As a regional player, the focus on the Midwest and Mountain West regions allows them to invest in networks that provide better service to those areas. Through its enhanced rural network and affordable service offering, Viaero Wireless caters mobile broadband service with high speed in its service area.

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