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Verizon Business Internet is a broadband internet service provided by Verizon targeted majorly to business entities and other commercial establishments. It offered reliable and fast internet using the fiber optic cables to enable the business operations to embrace digital solutions. Verizon Business Internet promises a download and upload speed of up to 500 Mbps or even 1 Gbps if subscribed to the Fios, which uses 100% fiber optics. This makes it a possibility to perform data driven tasks like video conferencing, cloud computing, VoIP calls and others without interferences or delays. Basically, the high capacity bandwidth means that all employees are able to engage in online activities at the same time and without any indication of jamming. It also has features like 24/7 technical support, internet uptime guarantee of 99. 99%, usage of unlimited data and an integrated Wi-Fi router. Other services which are provided to manage the business networks are; Static IP addresses, PCI compliance, and cloud networking tools. The internet packages are also flexible with options to choose according to business needs and offers assured speed. Verizon Business Internet seeks to ensure that through consulting and professional service, it offers a relevant and appropriate business internet solution to enhance the digital experience for modern business entities.

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