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Velocity Communications is a telecommunications firm that delivers telephone, broadband, and television services to both homes and businesses within the Midwest region. Established in 2005 and having its base in Chicago, Velocity has experienced significant development over the last 15 years and, currently, is among the largest regional telecom companies in the area. Velocity delivers the best services to its customers, including high-speed internet services ranging from 100 Mbps to 1G fiber optic connections, a range of over 300 HD TV services, and home phone services. For businesses, Velocity solutions include high-bandwidth Internet service, business voice-over-Internet protocol phones, and IT services.

However, the unrelenting commitment to ensuring Velocity provides customers with the best overall experience is what truly separates the company. They especially offer free technical support by phone or online, as well as local consultants who are available for any assistance throughout the day and night. The pricing is also measured according to market rates, and the company provides a variety of packages to choose from. At this pace and with the network expansion continued over the next several years, Velocity Communications is ready for future growth, continuing its mission to power connections and enrich people’s lives with solutions in the sphere of communications for many years ahead.

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