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Velociter Wireless Internet is dedicated to deliver wireless broadband internet service providers more quickly and effectively on a global level. The challenge is to provide people all around the world with high quality internet connectivity for fast valuable enhancing lives. Velociter provides wireless access points that help in establishing strong networks that could cater to numerous customers. This particular technology was designed for use in wireless broadband where markets are under saturated. The wireless units are designed to provide optimum performance with highly compact design that incorporates the antenna, routers, power systems and network management unit in one box that can be easily installed in almost any location. For connectivity, the business uses high capacity broadband links in the unlicensed band and implementing WiFi mesh to establish large connectivity. To achieve this objective, Velociter has incorporated the principles of innovative technology, international cooperation and customer-oriented services by providing the internet service providers with the best equipments that would enable them to quickly and efficiently establish fixed wireless networks. The company offers a full range of services in the field of wireless networks, starting from making surveys of the necessary territory and ending with the constant management and improvement of implemented networks. Velociter is committed towards opening up access to more inhabitants worldwide through assisting local suppliers with first class fixed wireless broadband technology.

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