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unWired Broadband is a company that specializes in wireless Internet connection, meaning that it provides the connection without using cables or phone lines. Rather, they employ modern, sophisticated wireless solutions to provide broadband internet access to households and commercial enterprises. In network deployment for customers, unWired employs point-to-point wireless links and point-to-multipoint wireless links. They connect wireless transmitters to cell towers, buildings, and other structures visible to clients, and program the transmitters to monitor their activities. These signals go through the air offering connectivity in the same manner as in wired solution cases but without the restriction of location. Currently, the company has several broadband plans with download speeds that range between 3-30Mbps and upload speeds that range between 1-15 Mbps. Their services offer appealing prices for service plans and include a free customer support service that is available 24/7. Their plans have no limit to usage most times, hence they are favored by many people. Some of the advantages of unWired Broadband connection include; a high range of operation, efficiency in service, portability of the service, and accessibility to areas that are not covered by Cable or Digital Subscriber Line service. Its mission, as a local provider in Wisconsin, is to ensure a qualitative wireless internet service for households and companies in the region.

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