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United Wireless Internet is one of the regional ISPs that aims at offering fast, reliable, and fairly-priced internet connectivity in the relevant regions. Established in 2005 by a group of like-minded individuals who were eager for the Wireless Internet technology to expand in the region, United Wireless Internet has come from offering the Wireless Internet technology to a couple of small towns to offering signal across 45 counties. As a company focused on serving consumers who are not yet covered by anybody, United Wireless relies on wireless towers, TVWS technology and satellite internet services. through partnerships with local governments and utilities companies, they have been able to increase the regions they service every year through the use of their own wireless bridges and relays which are useful in areas that are hard to cover such as forests and mountains. Some of the reasons that make United Wireless unique are the following: The company offers affordable and flexible wireless pricing plans for individuals and companies and a dedicated Midwest-based support team. Offering the VoIP phone service and web hosting also offers customers the ability to acquire all connectivity needs through United Wireless’s established network. This understanding, United Wireless Internet aims to continuously improve their services with regards to technology, while also continuing their mission to connect rural communities through the power of high-speed internet.

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