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Ts Network Internet is an ISP that operates in a particular region and has been in business for more than fifteen years. Launched in 2007 by a group of technology enthusiasts, Ts Network has gone through a number of positive changes and is now one of the biggest ISPs in the area. Ts Network offers its customers, both residential and commercial, broadband internet service through wired cable and a digital subscriber line. Ts Network can provide people with some of the fastest internet connections, with download speeds going as high as 100 Mbps. Every internet package now comes with an unlimited usage feature, meaning that customers cannot exceed the set data limit. Besides internet connection, some of the services one gets when subscribing to Ts Network include; web hosting, email services, file hosting, and backup, among others. Core network: The company has made huge investments in the development of its network infrastructure in the recent past for better reliability and performance. Ts Network highly values customer service; they provide clients with 24/7 technical phone support; moreover, there is an online customer section available where clients could find answers to numerous questions by themselves. With technology evolving and becoming widespread, Ts Network is ready to strive and develop the services offered. For any internet service provider, some of the most common goals involve increasing network bandwidth, implementing higher speeds, or offering more advanced tools and features; for Ts Network, the goal is the same: to make sure that customers have the best internet experience now and in the future.

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