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TISD Internet is the premier internet service provider in the region and provides internet services to thousands of households and companies with the help of fast and reliable connectivity. TISD was established in 2005 and has expanded considerably over the years but has continued to keep our current customer service level as it was in the first week of establishing the company. This is further highlighted by TISD fiber internet, which is among the fastest, offering download speeds of up to 1Gbps. No matter if you are watching high-quality videos, playing games, sharing important files for business, or just surfing through social media, our connections guarantee all types of usage. We have no single points of failure; all of our links are redundant to ensure our clients do not experience outages. But the most significant way that we can differentiate TISD from other companies is our attitude toward customers. Our local staff is always willing to diagnose connection problems, install new apparatus, clarify bills, etc. We do not offer support services through any other contractors or force you through an exhausting phone tree. Also, our plans are relatively cheaper, with no hidden charges added to them. At TISD Internet, we attempt to deliver the powerful and highly secure whole-home WiFi necessary for modern interconnected families with the courtesy and consideration of a friendly next-door neighbor. Experience the fastest internet connection and guaranteed support by the internet company TISD, which is committed to making you satisfied and happy.

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