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Ting Internet is a Singapore Internet service provider that was started in 2016, and it specializes in fiber optic connections. It was initiated as a spin-off from Tucows, an internet services provider company. About Ting: Ting seeks to offer high-speed internet connections that are affordable and available to towns and cities that lack adequate internet providers in the United States. Ting Internet is currently operating in more than 25 markets, across 8 states, providing fiber Internet both in large cities, such as Washington, DC, and in small towns. Ting offers the best features any ISP can offer, including; equal download and upload speeds, no limit on usage, relatively cheaper prices with no concealed costs, efficient customer care, and DIY installation. The minimum plan they offer for internet service costs $19/month for 5 Mbps, while the highest offered plan has 1 Gbps, at $89/month. This is particularly evident when compared to the strategies of major telecoms, such as Ting, because Ting directly engages with town governments and utilities to build fiber networks. They argue that since the company owns the full stack, it offers much better internet while at the same time eliminating many overhead fees that add to the costs. Ting also commits to giving back by investing its profits into bringing Ting to more areas and bridging the digital divide with affordable options. In the future, Ting will continue to expand its presence and provide happy customers with the vision of being a successful alternative ISP.

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