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A brief background on the company is that the Junction Internet is an internet Service Provider company situated in Mumbai, India. Founded in 2015, it has been expanding rapidly to among the most popular ISPs in the region. The Junction offers fiber internet services to consumers in Mumbai and aims at delivering greater internet speed. Another advantage we have over other providers is that we are using the current fiber-optic technology to offer up to 1Gbps internet connection speed. This is not far from the national average and much faster than many other providers in the country. It was established with the element of having fiber optic cable as a backbone and designed explicitly for applications that need high bandwidths such as video streaming and online gaming. Another important principle of The Junction is its fast speed of access to the sites, as well as the availability of quality services for customers and qualified support. It provides help desk services and has a support team that is available round-the-clock to help its customers in case of any complications experienced. The Junction also provides its users with the opportunity to come up with own tariff plan depending on how actively a particular customer uses internet – from the minimal one to the one that provides with the maximum Internet traffic. As internet penetration rates rise steadily and more individuals gain access to the Internet via smartphones and affordable data, there is no doubt that The Junction Internet is positioned to be a key player in this rapidly expanding market. For this reason, The Junction, which focuses on the speed, reliability, and service delivery, is well-positioned to become the most preferred ISP among the households and business establishments within Mumbai.

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