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Texas Wireless Internet (TXWI) is a regional provider of wireless internet services for homes and businesses in Texas with an aim of providing fast, reliable, and affordable internet to the growing rural markets in Texas. TXWI was established in 2005 by a group of local investors, and currently it offers wireless broadband internet services to more than 50,000 residential and business subscribers using both licensed and license-exempt spectrum bands; the fiber backhaul infrastructure is also applied. TXWI has its corporate office in Lubbock, with network operations centers in other cities across the state; the company provides employment opportunities to over 200 Texans committed to closing the technology gap. Internet connections up to 100 Mbps are provided with flexible on-demand packages that exclude bandwidth limits for programs such as videoconferencing, online classes, and telecommuting. TXWI also works with electric cooperatives and independent telephone companies to extend the broadband internet service provision for the areas that are not easy to reach using the fixed wireless and TVWS. Being a homegrown ISP that acknowledges technological development of small town Texas, TXWI enables the small town’s inhabitants to participate in the current digital world. By offering consumers Internet access for reasonable rates introducing wireless technologies and building up wireless infrastructures, TXWI contributes to a digital equality in the state.

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