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As an internet service provider, Telegia Communications operates in the Midwest region. Telegia which was established in the year 2005 offers fiber optic and cable internet connection in Indiana, Illinois as well as Ohio to homeowners and businesspersons. We provide internet speeds up to 1Gbps and we are among the providers with the highest internet speeds in the region. Based on Telegia’s vision, the company is committed to offering stellar customer service and support. There are additional services that customers get at no extra cost, including installation and equipment set-up for new clients. Any problems that existing customers face can be solved by contacting the organization through a phone call or even an online chat since the services are available round the clock. , Telegia also accommodates customers by allowing them to pay only for the remaining balance on the bills when they have long service interruptions. Recently Telegia has worked to extend its fiber optic connection coverage to the rural areas within the tri-state region. With the cooperation with the local governments, the firm provides cost-effective broadband connections to the towns and counties that have been left behind in the internet race. Telegia also includes special limited offer packages for schools, libraries, hospitals, and other social institutions in the regions served by the company. With such dependable speeds, growing networks and administrations, and a customer-centric approach, Telegia Communications remains one of the firms that offers internet solutions in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio after over 15 years of operation. They hope to expand their presence in the region over the following years.

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