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Syringa Networks is an incumbent fiber optic network operator with its operations located in the Boise, Idaho, region. Originally established in 2002, Syringa is an Idaho-based provider with over 1,500 route-miles of fiber optic network that offers wholesale internet solutions to communication carriers from local to national level. Syringa wireless has strong passion for connecting rural areas through fiber rings that interconnect various communities both small and big through partnerships with rural electric co-ops, independent phone companies, cities, counties, and the State of Idaho. These middle mile facilities are ideal for providing efficient and reliable broadband services to end consumers, businesses, learning institutions, hospitals and government departments among others through Syringa’s customers. With partnerships, inventions, and the proper implementation of infrastructure, Syringa is on a mission to bridge the rural-urban IT gap. Its high-capacity fiber optic network gives them connection speed of as much as one hundred gigabits per second to power advanced services for even the most end town. As a telecommunications company that aims to improve people’s lives by making internet access as simple, affordable, and pervasive, Syringa goes on expanding the open-access strategy that would connect more of rural Idaho to the future.

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