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Currently, Susquehanna Broadband Internet Company is a relatively small regional broadband internet service provider, which mostly covers the rural areas of Pennsylvania. Based in Portland, Oregon, the American owned internet service provider has been in operation since the year 2007 and seeks to provide high speed internet connections to the unserved areas. Susquehanna relies on fiber optics, and fixed wireless broadband solutions to connect homes and businesses to the Internet. Susquehanna is one of the providers that offer high bandwidth speed of up to 1GB per second. Plans and prices are different depending on geographical area and basic services start at $US 10 for download speed of 10 Mbps to $US 100 and more for 100 Mbps and more. Currently, Susquehanna seeks to be a reliable provider of broadband services while ensuring that it contributes positively to all of the areas it touches. The company has noted that quality broadband internet is a necessity that is lacking in the rural areas due to which the economic opportunity in the region is affected and so is the quality of life. Thus, by increasing the network, Susquehanna plans to allow the opportunity for telecommuting, increase the accessibility to healthcare services through telehealth, offer more educational opportunities , and stimulate local businesses and farming. The goal of the company is to bolster rural Pennsylvania communities and prepare them for the future by connecting them to broadband.

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