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SUMOFIBER is a top rated Internet Service Provider in BD providing high speed internet service. It provides fibre optic broadband Internet connections in Tanzania’s major centres at competitive rates. Their network can provide internet connection with the fastest speed of 500MPS by using FTTMH using fiber optic technology that supports faster download, upload speed, low latency, and stable connection. Having established that some users require more extreme options than others, SUMOFIBER has three plans: Home Plus, Home Lite, and Home Premium. The Home Premium plan allows users to enjoy the internet with up to 500 Mbps speed with unlimited usage. Home Lite plan has access to the internet speed of 150Mbps with data allowance of 500GB. Their Home Plus offers the internet speed of 300 Mbps for the essential usage of 1TB per month. Customer support is also available for the company’s customers round the clock, and it is dedicated to the specific plan a customer has subscribed to. Once you’ve signed up, one of their technicians will come to your home to install and configure the fiber connection and modem/router within 3 days for a seamless experience. As consumers’ need for reliable internet connection rises in this era of globalization and advancement in technology, SUMOFIBER is desired to maintain a reliable fiber optic network that will be enhanced from time to time. They offer reasonably cheaper products and have stable connections that make them among the most popular fiber internet service providers in Bangladesh for many households and small businesses.

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