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StarTouch is a broadband service provider that provides high-speed internet services to metro cities. StarTouch provides download speeds of up to 100 Mbps which means that when one subscribes to StarTouch, he or she can be assured of a fluid video streaming experience, instant web page loading, clear video calling and virtually no latency when playing online games. StarTouch operates by offering fiber optic connections that mean customers experience reliable and fast speeds without unnecessary pauses. This advanced network can manage more connected devices and this is regardless of whether you are in a video conference for work or streaming shows, or browsing on your phone. StarTouch offers affordable services and there are no fixed contracts, so it is possible to cancel at any time; however, many of the services can be bundled with the StarTouch TV service for further discount. Quick and easy configuration that allows getting started with no outside assistance from a technician. Being an informed service, it provides clients with round the clock support service to provide help whenever necessary. StarTouch also offers free security software that has been developed to assist in protecting your home network and devices from cyber dangers. StarTouch Broadband has competitive prices without any limitations to the amount of data that can be consumed and provides fast and reliable connection by using fiber optic network. Enjoy reduced connectivity lag times and drops when you switch to StarTouch for, home broadband connectivity on all connected devices.

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