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Starry Internet is a WISP that provides wireless broadband internet solutions to its clients based in Boston, Massachusetts that was established early in the year 2016. The company employs Fixed wireless technology and millimetre wave to transmit a high speed internet connectivity to customers’ premises. Starry intends to offer affordable and cheaper services than what the conventional wired broadband offers by companies such as Comcast and Verizon. For instance, it is able to do without a complicated network of cables and fiber lines due to its wireless network. Instead of laying cables like most ISPs, Starry puts transmitters onto cell towers, and rooftops that Beam internet to tiny antennas placed on client windows. Starry currently provides internet with minimum speeds of 200 Mbps and maximum download speeds of 1Gbps in some areas. They sell it at a fixed monthly subscription with no lock-in contracts, unlimited usage. The technology enables operators to offer speed of fiber connectivity but at lower costs since fibre’s deployment cost is high. Starry Internet service is still available in over 40 cities such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Washington DC. They are continually growing fast through obtaining new territories to install their structures and provide services in the new metro locations and properties. It plans to compete nationally with traditional ISPs which have dominated the market for the past several years.

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