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Southwestern Wireless Internet is a Wireless Internet provider based in the Southwestern area of the United States. The company is an ‘overbuild’ wireless broadband Internet service provider established in 2008 to target underserved rural areas of Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas that cannot be serviced by wired connection from larger ISPs. By using the point-point microwave technology and the towers of transmission South Wireless has the capability of providing its customers with a speed of up to 25Mbps for residential service and 50Mbps for its business class. Installation involves physically placing an outdoor antenna on the roof of the subscriber’s house and link it to an indoor wireless router for full home wireless internet connectivity. The competitor and related services analysis reveals that Southwestern Wireless distinguishes itself through outstanding customer care and affordable rates as compared to unreliable satellite internet typical for rural areas. Having no contractual obligations that would require customers to sign long-term contracts or limit the use of internet data, the company has proven to be important in the connection of the rural area to the urban area in terms of technology. Examples of using the Internet include students using online resources, farmers using IoT technology to monitor crop growth, and telemedicine for those who have little access to healthcare. As wired fiber Internet gradually spreads to more population, Southwestern Wireless Internet holds a significant position in providing modernization of the infrastructure of America’s Heartland today.

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