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Southern Broadband Internet is a small ISP that delivers broadband internet services to several states within the southern part of the United States. Established in 2005, Southern Broadband is an Atlanta, Georgia-based broadband company that possesses and implements its network hardware to deliver fixed broadband connections to both homes and businesses. A local broadband access and telecommunications company, Southern Broadband, provides download speeds of up to 1 Gbps through fiber optic and copper DSL connections where the necessary infrastructure is available. Their internet packages have varying data quantities for light, medium, and heavy or frequent usage of the internet, with the option of unlimited data as a bonus. When it comes to price strategy, Southern Broadband follows a low-cost strategy, which differentiates it from many large national ISPs. Concerning customer service, users rate Southern Broadband Internet highly for its prompt reply and issue diagnosis by the technical support personnel. They also offer an online customer service center to help you manage your account and energy usage, as well as toll-free numbers that are based in the United States. Southern Broadband Internet is a local ISP that offers Internet services to suburban and rural regions that are not fully served by other service providers.

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