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SOS Communications Internet is among the key ISPs in the region. It was established in 2005 and has its headquarters in Springfield. They offer broadband fiber optic connection service to households and companies in and around the Springfield metropolitan area, as well as nearby towns. SOS Communications’ download speeds range from 1 Mbps for its basic package, to 1 Gbps for its VIP package, and it employs a fiber-optic connection, which is some of the fastest available in the area. They do not have data caps, a low-speed connection during busy hours, or unlimited customer support, making them suitable for families with several devices or those who use the Internet for streaming videos, video games, or working from home. SOS Communications’ business packages include equal upload and download speeds and can include phone and TV services as additional options. Fiber Pro: With data speeds of up to 500 Mbps and 99.99% uptime, the Fiber Pro plan is ideal for businesses whose operations require the internet. SOS Communications is in the process of laying new fiber, it has expanded fiber gigabit internet service to more than 5,000 new households in Union County. Fast, reliable, and affordable, SOS Communications will soon become the number one provider of internet services in the greater Springfield area, with local ownership and exemplary customer service to boot!

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