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Sonic Internet is a standalone provider of internet services located in Santa Rosa, California offering fiber optic and DSL broadband internet connection. Sonic was established in 1994 and has grown to cover more than 100 Californian communities that need a fast, cheap, and reliable internet connection. To the best of the writer’s knowledge, Sonic is unique in the list of large internet service providers because it values customer satisfaction and supports the concept of net neutrality. It has been noted they do not set restrictive data caps or throttling restrictions on the internet speeds of their customers. Their fiber optic-based internet connection speed is much higher compared to national ISPs and can go up to 10Gbps. All Sonic internet plans are also accompanied by phone service and, most importantly, the guaranteed price without introductory and annual rates. Sonic does not allow the sale of customer information or their browsing habits to third parties, as they champion internet privacy and net neutrality. I think they actively campaign for legislation that fosters competition and consumer rights for home internet connection. Sonic is also among the largest competitive local exchange carrier telephone companies in California. Given their consumer-centric mindset which is rather unconventional for American companies and their focus on taking the company public, Sonic remains a threat to the traditional ISP market.

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  • Fiber-Optic Network

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