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Snappy Internet Telecom is a renowned ISP firm that provides fiber optic internet connection with high bandwidth across the country. Founded over 15 years ago, Snappy Internet is a company that seeks to provide internet connection to homes as well as businesses at an affordable price. Snappy Internet provides internet connection with speeds of up to one gigabyte per second and provide customers with high-speed internet for downloading, streaming, gaming or for connecting multiple devices with no interruptions. It is designed in a way that it is capable of offering constant speed and very low level of latency for activities that require real time connectivity such as video conferencing and gaming. To that end, here are some key features of all Snappy Internet plans: 24/7 support; free standard installation; no data limits; no contracts. Customers also receive extra value add services such as free anti-virus software and facility for creating parental controls. For the businesses, Snappy Internet offers dedicated internet access where the upload speed will be as same as the download speed and additional features like the static IP to host the servers. However, Snappy Internet has proved to have reliability and affordable prices with the mission of providing its clients with the best internet experience in their homes or workplaces.

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